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Tech Cubie is a STEM educator aiming to build computational thinking and technology competency for Hong Kong students through proactive learning. We operate classes in various locations in Hong Kong.

Unique approach

3T Teaching Philosophy




To create students’ passion in learning, we emphasize on visualization of abstract concepts through hands-on tasks, lesson learnt from trials and errors, encourage alternative thoughts and parent engagement.

Tech Cubie is keen to build up students’ computational thinking and technology competency through fun and creative activities. In addition to our regular progressive coding courses, we organize out-of-the-box projects and bootcamps to enable parents and students to discover and drive their own learning.


Parent Participation

Marker Culture

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Our Team

Tech Cubie is founded by three HKUST alumni from Business School and School of Engineering. All founders have extensive IT experiences in the industry and are passionate to contribute their experiences and skills to our future generations.