Regular Programs

Young Techie

mBot stream

“Start here for beginners

  • 5 Levels. 4 classes each.
  • mBot is an educational robot popular among primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong
  • Students will use tablets/ laptops to complete various tasks and races
  • Learn coding through Scratch
  • Focus in problem solving skills
  • Projects at each level: (1) Bottle/ Planet challenge, (2) Block avoider, (3) Line Follower, (4) mBot controller, (5) Scratch+mBot games

micro:bit stream

  • 4 levels. 4 classes each.
  • Getting extremely popular in UK, Micro:bit is widely used in schools around the world
  • It is a small piece of electronic board that can be coded with multiple graphical programming editors
  • We have fun daily-life projects and game projects for students to learn coding
  • Suitable for students with programming experience
  • We offer classes in Python/ Javascript with micro:bit for advanced students

Microduino mCookies stream

  • 2 Levels. 4 classes each.
  • Students can use Lego-like bricks to build a smart city
  • Circuits could be completed in magnetic blocks and connector cables
  • Suitable for students with programming experience

Lego EV3 stream

Coming soon

Arduino stream

Coming soon